Yes, guess what
we quarrel again
again, I feel so hopeless helpless and all negative thinkings are spinning in my mind
Is it the time to give up?

I am wondering why am I try so hard to maintain this relationship
Hey, can you please care more about me?
Can you please think in my position?
Can you please care much more about my feelings?
Can you please don't ignore me?
Can you please let me feel some security being together with you?
Can you? Can you?

You said you will change but
again and again, you hurt me 

Who can tell me what to do now?

It's Holiday !

The moment I most looking forward to !!!!! It's coming !
I was hwaiting for so so so so so long

arrrrrhhh, sorry, Im too excited xD

Okay, turn back to the topic
actually the topic is also about the holiday 
although I had not plan any programme for my holiday yet
I am so so happy now =.=
How nice is the feeling without examination without books without tension !
It made me can't breathe
Im really tired of it
STPM ? What is that ?

Stop talking about examination
I hate it, and  you too, I think

It has been a long time I didn't update my blog properly
I felt so so so sorry to my blog <3 baby="baby" font="font" sorry="sorry">

Its holiday now, 
and I think I have to plan something in this quite a long period
Friend, you get me ?
Yeah, don't forget about me when you are going somewhere xD

We are planning to go Hatyai but 
I think there is still some problem to us 
Hopefully this plan can go smoooothly pleaseeeeeeeeeeee
I want to go I want to go

Arh, hope this is not a boring holiday 
I miss my friends who are studying at other states
and other countries 

Good luck for my Dearssss who are sitting SPM right now